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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Outsource IT Support is here.Computer Repair,Laptop Repair ,Virus Removal in St Louis,Mo. and many other services with us.

Is it possible you are looking to crunch the IT budget. If so, like most businesses in the US this might be of some good info where hind sight is only 20/20. A few months back before when the market crash was just about to take place you might have been considering a change.

Now with software and hardware on your system in an evolutionary spin cycle every 24hours, we offer a proactive method - approach to applying business intelligence to
reduce the IT Support snapshot while increasing productivity and increasing high
performanceOutsource IT Support is here.

SAN based technologies support and increasing space efficiencies give your business an edge in the marketplace.

We can help crunch some numbers with our Free Telco and Systems Analysis that
performs a calculus of efficiencies and improvable technologies giving you more

This kind of Intel is invaluable, but we perform the system assessment in 3 days.

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On the topics of SAAS, Hosted Phone Solutions, IT Security and IT Migration your company could benefit a great deal from us providing a Telco System audit at no cost to you.

What does this mean? It essentially gives you an owner's manual to your computer systems design, licensing software and hardware and much more.

Please give me a call soon for a scheduled appointment.

Business Intelligence Management Systems
A single source to protect your network makes good sense.

At IPHASE TECHNOLOGIES we are your small to mid-sized business Development / IT Department

Our Services:: iPhase Technologies helps executives at small to mid-sized companies keep their computer systems up and running 99.9% of the time, 24/7.

We do this with a revolutionary process that prevents problems before they happen, and provide the highest quality IT personnel and processes. By combining the IT services listed below we create a complete IT department for you at an affordable price! The services are delivered onsite and remotely, and we provide long-term smooth and effective operations of your hardware, software, and networks. This is demonstrated by our 99% customer retention over the past 12 years!

:: Our Services New Equipment Installation.
iPhase Technologies will prepare a project plan, install, configure, and troubleshoot new hardware and software (i.e., servers, PCs, networking equipment, VPN installation, email, and office/accounting applications). Help Desk. Get assistance onsite and remotely whenever you need it for installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and how-to advice. Maintenance and Support. Provides you with full-service maintenance and support including reports of the completed activities including security patches, anti-virus software, hardware drivers, hard drive utilization, back-up jobs, server logs, network utilization levels, network appliance firmware upgrades, viruses and spyware removal, spam filters and pop-up blockers installation, Windows software maintenance, hard drive defragmentation, and user administration (i.e., adding or removing domain user accounts) and server access permissions.

Consulting (virtual CIO). iPhase Technologies will help you make correct decisions about your technology systems by providing reviews of your IT systems and recommendations on new projects to support your business. Our virtualCIO service includes systems architecture, hardware, software, application capacity, migration planning, security analysis, and strategic information technology planning. Procurement. We can help you purchase the best hardware and software at the best pricing by looking at your current environment, your business needs, and issues that your staff members are reporting. Monitoring. Automated system to monitor your servers, PCs, and networking equipment to prevent problems from occurring and to also to look at trends in your IT systems.

Contact us : iPhase Technologies Inc. and find out why small to mid-sized businesses have been quick to realize the benefits of iPhase Tech's approach to managing technology.

:: How Does Our Process Work?

iPhase Tech's managed IT model of assess, stabilize, and maintain is performed every month or as often as needed so that you have a complete understanding of the performance, bottlenecks, and potential hardware and software that can help your business!!!

1. Assess. We will evaluate and inventory our clients' technology assets: applications, servers, network configuration and software. Creating a baseline IT architecture and recommendations for IT enablers to support business initiatives.

2. Stabilize. After reviewing the assessment with our clients we will implement and configure the appropriate solutions for the recommended areas. Various options are considered based on third-party hardware and software costs.

3. Maintain. Routinely, iPhase Tech provides help desk and onsite services as required to support our clients' daily needs and keep our clients' infrastructure secure, available and reliable by performing routine maintenance and updates.

:: Compare the value of iPhase Technologies with the traditional IT service offerings
Service Comparison
iPhase Technologies
In-house IT
Independent consultant
Maintenance and support
New equipment installation
Software system selection and procurement

35 Tech Specialists to handle each area of your IT: software, desktop, server, and network,CCTV,Investigative Data Protection,

Fractional fee structure,Periodic IT assessment
Software system to manage your IT department and IT assets
24x7 system monitoring for emergencies

Contact us and find out why small to mid-sized businesses have been quick to realize the benefits of iPhase Technologies approach to managing IT.

:: Technology Areas Included


Maintenance Support

Our proactive maintenance approach effectively mitigates network problems, often leading to fewer and less severe incidences over time. We also offer access to technical experts across a range of platforms.
Our staff is screened with our live testing environment. Includes remote access & routine maintenance.

Project Implementation
Effective project management is essential to keep your business moving. Whether you need to upgrade your system or are moving the entire office across town, we have the knowledge and expertise to keep you running on schedule and on budget, every time.
Service includes Relocation, Installations, and Upgrades.

Our consultants will perform an in-depth analysis of your existing IT infrastructure, identifying strengths and weaknesses. Working with the equipment you already own, and finding the best options for new equipment as necessary, we will optimize and maintain your network capabilities to ensure that technology is an invaluable asset rather than a nuisance to your business.
We can assist with IT Project Management, Site design - wiring diagrams and matrixes, Hardware selection including architecture and specifications, Software selection including installation and operation, Security Management Services,  Data Recovery Contingency Plans.

Security Audits
Routine security audits of your system and network keep you up-to-date on the latest threats and where security measures should be implemented. Includes solutions for remote access users.
Includes Virus detection, removal, protection; Protection from hackers; Spyware and Adware detection and removal; and Firewalls & Proxy servers.

Network Design
Whether it's a LAN, WAN, WLAN, VPN or any other configuration you may require, our expert staff can design, build, implement, and maintain it with the utmost focus on quality and service. Down the hall or across the world, we will make sure your data flow and storage is accurate and secure.
Includes Routers, VPN, RAS, LAN, WAN, WLAN, SAN, NAS.

Your business depends on accurate and reliable data recovery. We offer solutions for contingency planning and disaster recovery.
Includes Off-site backup systems & Data recovery solutions.

Email Solutions
Email is an integral part of business communications. Effective use is critical to productivity and requires reliable solutions to keep things running smoothly.
Services include MS Exchange, e-mail archiving, Spam filters, and Anti-virus software.

Spam Control
Spam is an inevitable part of utilizing email communication, posing a serious risk to the health of your network in addition to security concerns. Managing unwanted solicitations is vital to keeping your network running smoothly and securely.
Services include Spam blockers and Anti-virus software.

Anti-Virus Solutions
The threat of viruses, worms and unwelcome network traffic is very real and growing every day. There is no single one size fits all solution for keeping your data secure. Utilizing the industry's best practices in conjunction with the latest updates in software and patches, our team will customize the solutions best suited to your needs.
Includes Firewalls, VPN's, Anti-virus software, Patches, Data back-up and recovery solutions.

SAN (storage area networks)
The link between servers and storage devices is often the bottleneck slowing up the flow of critical data. Increase performance, reliability, and scalability by implementing a SAN. When data integrity and availability are absolute requirements, upgrading to a SAN is a cost effective measure to keep your data flowing.
Service includes Fiber Channel switches, Servers, Storage devices, Bridges & Multiplexers.

NAS (network attached storage)
An inexpensive means of expanding your network storage capabilities.
Service includes RAID.

File Servers
Increase control over who has access to your data.
Service includes RAID solutions and databases.

We work with the most respected names in the business (Dell, Cisco, MS, Novell,HP etc.) to bring you service you can rely on. However, we are under no contract obligations that may bar our creativity in finding solutions that meet your needs.
Offered for PC hardware, software, router and switches.

You know how popular virtualization is for server consolidation. And you know how the economic climate is requiring IT to find efficiencies in 2009. But virtualization deployment can be complicated, expensive and time consuming.

So take a few minutes this afternoon to hear how you can attain the advantages of virtualization without the headaches, time and costs of a typical virtualization plan. Give me a jingle after reading the data below.

Subject: IT Support and Virtualization Analysis Results and reference quotes

AG Edwards

AG Edwards Invests in Network, Laptop Security with Virtualization

We can use Virtualization to create trusted endpoints that we can connect to our network. With Virtual Rights Management capabilities , we can clearly define the computing environment as well as network access privileges. This is the perfect solution for remote or home access and is useful for mobile workers and guest workers who have different types of PCs that we can't control.

— Chris McClanahan, Product Manager -Desktop Technologies

SunTrust Banks, Inc.

SunTrust Banks, Inc., (SunTrust) is one of the nation's largest and

strongest financial holding companies. Through its banking

subsidiaries, the company provides deposit, credit, trust, and

investment services to a broad range of retail, business, and

institutional clients.

Starting in 2006, SunTrust began a carefully planned and executed

series of initiatives to drive out inefficiencies and streamline processes,

with an ultimate goal of reducing operating expenses by $530 million

over three years. Every department within the organization had a role

to play in helping increase efficiencies, including the IT department.

Increase operational efficiencies within IT

department to meet company-wide goals for

reducing expenses


Virtualization makes it possible to

achieve significantly higher resource utilization and

reduce costs with a flexible virtual infrastructure.

Deployment Environment

• ESX Server running on HP c-class and p-class blade

servers attached to Hitachi USP SAN and NetApp N

series SAN

• Guest operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows

2003, Novell, Suse Linux

• Production applications: Citrix environment

On the technology side, we had server sprawl issues,
said Jason Smith,
an infrastructure planning analyst at SunTrust.

Our servers were

consuming a lot of space and power, and we saw room to improve

that situation with Virtualization.

SunTrust has been able to virtualize

the majority of the servers in its test & development data center and

hundreds of Citrix servers within its production environment.

able to convert existing physical servers into virtual machines has

helped reduce our data center footprint
, which reduces costs, says


Overall, the virtualization process has been very useful in

helping us operate more efficiently.


• Avoid millions of dollars in hardware costs.

Every server that

we deploy virtually instead of physically, saves us money, when

you factor in hardware, cabling, OS licenses and maintenance,


• Achieve 6:1 server consolidation ratio.

Right now, we have

thousands of virtual machines running on hundreds of ESX Server

says Smith.

Over time, we expect our consolidation ratio to
increase even further.

Virtualization allows us to move beyond the traditional
model of one application and one operating system per physical
server and make more efficient use of our IT assets.

Jason Smith

Infrastructure Planning Engineer, SunTrust Banks, Inc.

Siemens Medical Solutions wanted to improve server utilization, control server sprawl and reduce IT operations and hardware maintenance costs.

Siemens Medical Solutions

Siemens Medical Solutions, a business unit of global giant
Siemens AG, is the world's leading provider of healthcare systems as
well as medical equipment. Headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania,
the company employs more than 36,000 people in 130 countries.
Reported sales in 2006 were US$11.6 billion.
The IT group wanted to increase efficiency and substantially reduce
its number of servers. We had a very large server sprawl problem

with several thousand servers,
says Johnathan Paul, IT Architect,

Siemens Medical Solutions. Believing that virtualization technology
was the right solution, the group started by virtualizing many of its
internal systems using a certain process.

"We looked at other virtualization solutions, but nothing was as
mature as this one," says Paul. Once the initial virtualization efforts
proved successful, the IT group expanded the virtualization initiative
to other areas of the company, moving towards virtualized servers
as the default deployment whenever possible.

The economics of
virtualization is just so compelling that it made a strong business case,
says Paul.


Siemens Medical Solutions wanted to
improve server utilization, control server
sprawl and reduce IT operations and
hardware maintenance costs.


The IT group decided to implement an aggressive virtualization plan.

Deployment Environment

• Host operating system: Windows Server 2003

• Guest operating systems: Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista

• Applications: traditional business software and line-of-business applications

• Hardware: dual processor, quad-core servers

Now the IT staff can move a workload off of a physical
server, do maintenance on it and move the workload back without
interrupting users.

It is one of the real gems of virtualization,

says Paul.

It allows us to do maintenance on hardware during regular

business hours instead of after hours. That has led to employee

satisfaction and retention. How can you set a cost on that?


• Saved/avoided costs of up to $3 million

• Significantly reduced power and cooling costs

• Achieved 13:1 server consolidation ratio

• Achieved return on investment during two-year pilot phase

• Replaced hundreds of physical servers with virtual servers

• Created 500 virtual machines

• Substantially reduced base server deployment time from

five weeks to one day

• Decreased the server physical footprint in its data center

iPhase Turns to Server Virtualization to Support Australian Customers

Virtualization technologies help iPhase reduce physical server numbers, and slash greenhouse gas emissions and power consumption for a major client.

Reducing the Environmental Footprint

Virtualization Reduces Green Impact

Virtualization technologies provide one of the major avenues
for EDS and its customers to reduce their environmental footprint.

Some large Australian businesses are taking advantage of these
technologies to consolidate multiple virtual servers onto a reduced
number of physical servers.

The environment incorporates:

• to enable virtual machines to exploit multiple

• to move virtual machines from one physical server
to another while the virtual environment is running

• to migrate physical servers to virtual machines

• to ensure availability of applications
running on virtual machines.


Reduce environmental footprint of corporate IT
resources while increasing efficiency and
improving performance.


Use virtualization technologies to
enable EDS and its clients to reduce
environmental impact without compromising
corporate objectives.


• Cut power usage and greenhouse gas

• Reduced server provisioning time from four
to six weeks to one day, cutting costs by 50

• Delivered a server consolidation ratio of 25:1

• Reduced total cost of ownership of servers

• Achieved 50 percent reduction in costs per
server. This does not include the simplified
management of systems and benefits of no
planned downtime

• No unplanned outages experienced in a 12-
month period – delivering 100 percent server
availability to the client's development teams

The increasing maturity of virtualization and the growing support
from independent software vendors is helping fuel deployment
of virtualization across production environments. This
means more businesses are redeploying or disposing of inefficient
hardware and consolidating their data center infrastructure onto
multiple virtual server environments, thus contributing to a
reduction in power consumption."

David Simpfendorfer

Asia-Pacifi c ITO Product Marketing Manager, EDS

What is Virtualization?
Virtualization is a proven software technology that is rapidly transforming the IT landscape and fundamentally changing the way that people compute.

Today's powerful x86 computer hardware was originally designed to run only a single operating system and a single application, but virtualization breaks that bond, making it possible to run multiple operating systems and multiple applications on the same computer at the same time, increasing the utilization and flexibility of hardware.

Virtualization is a technology that can benefit anyone who uses a computer, from IT professionals and Mac enthusiasts to commercial businesses and government organizations. Join the millions of people around the world who use virtualization to save time, money and energy while achieving more with the computer hardware they already own.

How Does Virtualization Work?
In essence, virtualization lets you transform hardware into software. Use software to transform or "virtualize" the hardware resources of an x86-based computer—including the CPU, RAM, hard disk and network controller—to create a fully functional virtual machine that can run its own operating system and applications just like a "real" computer.

Multiple virtual machines share hardware resources without interfering with each other so that you can safely run several operating systems and applications at the same time on a single computer.

However, virtualizing a single physical computer is just the beginning.

iPhase Technologies offers a robust virtualization platform that can scale across hundreds of interconnected physical computers and storage devices to form an entire virtual infrastructure.

To Understand more information about how this can work for your business , please call 314.604.6649 and request a Virtual Demo

With the combonation of Web Site Design, Application Development, Email & Web Hosting and Collocation, IPHASE Technologies offers their customers a complete range of web application services.

iPhase Technologies can meet your web site development needs. IPHASE Technologies has a team of experienced web developers on staff to assist you in designing your new web site or restructuring your existing web site.

iPhase Technologies can handle just about any type of development project. iPhase Technologies programmers are experts in web site development, database development and application development.

iPhase Technologies provides our customers secure and reliable electronic mail hosting and web site hosting within the iPhase Technologies Cyber Center St Louis, Mo .

Collocating your applications, Exchange, and Web Mail in a separate, secure site, such as our Cyber Center, is a highly effective manner of not only reducing your overall IT costs, but also protecting your data from natural and man made disaster.

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